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Keeping your property in pristine condition extends far beyond aesthetic value. Constant exposure to exterior factors such as bacteria, dirt, and weather conditions can really take a toll on the overall structural quality of your building. To avoid a malfunctioning property or turning away potential customers, a thorough pressure wash of your building will effectively solve your problems.

At On Point Power Washing, we employ a team of expertly trained service technicians who are dedicated to providing quality results. We have over 8+yrs of pressure washing experience and use cutting-edge equipment to deliver top quality results.

Pressure Washing

Our effective pressure washing techniques implement the use of eco-friendly solutions. Most traditional pressure washing solutions can actually damage the material quality of your property when applied incorrectly. Our technicians thoroughly analyze your entire property before applying any cleaning methods. This allows us to accurately gauge how much pressure should be used on certain areas of your building.

This method allows us to safely clean every inch of your property without damaging its existing surfaces.

Concrete Restoration and Stain Removal

Concrete can take a real beating when it comes to stains, gum, dirt, and general wear over time. Our concrete restoration services are designed to directly target these tough areas on your concrete to reveal its natural look.

Removing these harmful substances will also help to increase the overall safety and accessibility of your property. We can restore virtually any surface including stone and asphalt, no job is too big for us. Our services are affordably priced to ensure you can maintain your property without applying too much pressure to your wallet. We offer free project estimates to anyone who is interested in our services. To get started give us a call and our support team will gladly assist you. Our high-quality pressure washing services are available to all property owners located in Reno, NV.

When you need your property cleaned right, contact On Point Power Washing!

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